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Russell Brand's "World View" and the Continuous Brexit Loop and the Continuous Brexit Loop...

COMEDIAN Russell Brand's interview with the Sunday Times has got the country in a tailspin. The gist concerns Mr Brand's "world view" - as he puts it - of being a "sensitive, awake and aware man", clashing, quite considerably, with his responsibilities as a father. To the point, he shamelessly conceded, he'd barely looked after his own children alone in any given 24 hour period.
To quote: "I'm very, very focused on the mythical connotations of Mabel's beauty and grace. Not so good on the nappies and making sure they eat food. When I looked after Mabel on her own, she dropped two social classes."
Mr Brand appears to seek praise for his decision to opt out of parenthood's contractual obligations as though he is akin to a bad driver taking himself off the road (#PrincePhilip). But for those considerate people, there is the train.  For Mr Brand, there's ending up looking a berk.
Sixty-four days to go until we leave the European Union and Prime Minister Theresa May has returned to Parliament as promised with a Brexit plan B. And let's face it, after her first plan was dealt an historic decimation, it would only make sense for Mrs May to return to the Commons with a deal radically different to the one she has thus far been hopelessly pedalling.
On the contrary. She literally brought back her previous plan, with the capital A scribbled off the top of it and replaced with a capital B in bold black marker pen.
Mrs May, with bravado, announced her plan B had resulted from "cross party talks" with a number of politicians and the big change was - drum roll - she intended to go back to Brussels and ask the EU whether they were prepared to give any leeway on the Irish "backstop". Please excuse This Reporter, for a moment there she actually collapsed and died.
Readers, either Mrs May is currently in pursuit of accruing enough travel miles on the EuroStar to exchange for a matching set of luggage for her and husband Philip or we have, and this is a strong suspicion, all ended up living inside a music video for Average White Band's 80s classic "Let's Go Round Again". For we seem to be on continuous Brexit loop. "Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time" Mrs May. More likely, we won't.
Sir James Dyson is upping sticks with his vacuum cleaners and heading off to Singapore to "future-proof" his company, which is really quite something on the part of the man who was the business spear header for Brexiting out of Europe. It's almost as though he didn't believe himself when he said leaving the EU would be good for commerce, but that surely can't be the reason for his flit from Britain, can it? Meanwhile P&O ferries is re-registering its 182-year-old British maritime operation under the Cypriot flag and Pets At Home is stockpiling cat food. Oh well, at least we'll be able to eat.
There are speculative reports there have been sightings of movement from Jeremy Corbyn. This comes in the form of him backing a Labour party proposal which, if sanctioned, would allow MPs to vote on whether they would like a second referendum. Could this really be the Labour leader finally making headway, or perhaps Mr Corbyn just sneezed at the wrong moment and he was aiming to bid yet again on calling a general election.
In other news, we delve deeper into the saga of why former Prime Minister David Cameron decided to call the referendum in the first place, as EU boss Donald Tusk blows the lid on what was going on behind the scenes in the run-up.
Mr Tusk reveals that on him telling Mr Cameron he was "stupid" to consider giving British voters a say on whether to leave the Union, Mr Cameron moved to placate Mr Tusk that he was confident the referendum would never happen, as the coalition Lib Dems would block it.
As it turned out the Tory party unexpectedly won a majority in the 2015 election and, in Mr Tusk's words, Mr Cameron "became the real victim of his own victory". Just to be clear Mr Cameron denies any of this conversational exchange ever happening and as we heard earlier in the week, he regrets nothing, despite a wealth of evidence to suggest, he should.
Just to fully cement the fact time has become stuck on the same repetitive track, Nigel Farage has announced his intention to lead a new pro-Brexit party if Britain's departure from the EU is delayed beyond 29th March. The party - which appears to be called simply "Brexit" though other potential names out there include UKIP 2.0 -  is swiftly attracting former UKIP members forced out by current leader Gerard Batten's "anti-Muslim agenda".
The aim of UKIP 2.0 is to get back to the initial intentions of UKIP under Mr Farage - that of severing once and for all, all ties with Europe. Mr Farage said: "If the government goes back on its word and betrays the millions of people who voted for Brexit then...I will re-enter the fray".
This Reporter only hopes we can build up enough momentum on this continuous Brexit loop on which we are travelling, to propel ourselves back in time to the moment just before Mr Cameron called that fateful referendum. As added bonus we could return Russell Brand to an era where he was just a haphazard, yet responsibility free, comedian.


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